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Private Tours

Cork Chauffeurs Ltd provides private multiday tours to clients in Ireland and abroad.
See all of Ireland’s majestic sites in style and in comfort with Cork Chauffeurs Ltd. Before your trip, we are able to help you create an itinerary that takes in the all of Ireland’s most scenic locations. From our rugged coastline to our lively towns to our small charming villages, Cork Chauffeurs Ltd’s private tours show clients a land steeped in ancient history and tradition.

Our friendly team work closely with the client to design the kind of tour suited to their individual preferences. From whiskey tasting experiences to excursions involving historic pre-christen sites; our tours have something for even the most discerning of tourists.
Along with designing tours, we are also available to work to a preexisting itinerary created by the client.

Private Tours

To see the very best Ireland has to offer, get in contact with Cork Chauffeurs Ltd today.

Our Private Tours

Our small, intimate tours provide: comfort, peace of mind and luxury at all times.
Our chauffeur takes care of all the luggage and using state of the art, real-time updating GPS software, we plan every aspect of the tour down to the smallest detail.
Our chauffeur’s extensive local knowledge means they’re available to make recommendations on restaurants, accommodation and sites that may not necessarily be in guidebooks.

Private Tours

Let Cork Chauffeurs Ltd help you get the very most out of your Irish visit, get in contact with Cork Chauffeurs Ltd today.

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